Cheap Storage UnitsCheap storage units in Lancashire

Due to the fact that we are a local business offering storage units to local people, we believe in keeping our prices as low as possible and making our cheap storage units available to individuals and businesses with the smallest of budgets.

We aim to be one of the best self-storage companies in Lancashire and deliver an outstanding service to each of our clients. Whether you require a unit for a long or short period of time or need some extra space to store your possessions, we have a selection of different sized units for a relatively low cost.

Furthermore, because keeping our prices low is so close to our heart, we have a variety of discounts in place that will help you make the most out of your storage unit without putting yourself out of pocket.


  • Student discount


At times, students move into campus dorms when attending university instead of commuting from home. However, the rooms at university are often small and students are left with minimal space for their possessions, so paying for a storage unit is sometimes their only option.

We understand how expensive attending university can be. From purchasing books and equipment to traveling to and from campus, the costs quickly mount up. That’s why we offer student discounts on all our self-storage units. We want to ensure that all university students have the storage space they need for their personal belongings without having to pay an expensive monthly fee.


  • Multiple unit discounts


At times, we’ve all required a little more space and regardless of whether it’s for personal or commercial use, we want to ensure that you have the space you need for the lowest cost.

At our Blackburn site, we have 50 storage units that range in size from 25sqft to 100sqft. Nevertheless, if you still require more space and opt to sign up for more than one unit, we offer multiple unit discounts. No matter how many units you require, we’ll give you the best price possible.


  • Small monthly fee


Finally, all our cheap storage units can be used for a small monthly fee. We understand that the cost of a storage unit will be added onto your current bills so, we aim to keep our monthly fees as low as possible and ensure they are affordable to everyone.

We only ask for a minimum one month sign up and the first months fee up front and after that, you have total control over how long you require the storage unit for. Whether it’s three months or three years, our unit hire is completely flexible and we will only charge you a small fee each month.

Sign up for one of our cheap storage units today

If you are interested in signing up for one of our self-storage units and would like to find out more about our prices, or if you have any questions regarding which unit size would be most suited to you, get in touch.

You can call us on 01254 677902 and we’ll be happy to offer advice and answer any questions.