Put simply, self-storage allows both individuals and businesses to rent storage units in which they can store their goods. This is typically done remotely, in facilities with high security and plenty of space (if you choose Big Box Small Box Storage, anyway).

Anyone can use self-storage for what they need to store, as long as it’s inkeeping with the flexible terms and conditions, ensuring that they have space for everything they don’t have space for anywhere else.

Some Facts

A study done by the Self Storage Association, or SSAUK, measured the level of perception and awareness of self-storage in the UK. From a pool of more than 350,000 people from YouGov, a sample of 2,075 adults was chosen at random, and three years of data were analysed.

This survey showcases that, since 2014, the public awareness of self-storage has actually increased ; that year, 23% of people had never even heard of self-storage, but in 2016 that percentage was down to only 10%.

Across the board, general awareness of what self-storage is improved from 2014 to 2016, so we must be doing something right! Go self-storage!

marketing-graph-statistics-digital-analysis-finance-concept-istock_000084397409_smallSo, Why Use Self-Storage?

Regardless of who you are, self-storage is the perfect way to have extra space for everything that, well, you don’t have space for. People choose to use self-storage for many reasons; whether you’re moving house and need a temporary place for your belongings, or your present house is too small for what you have, self-storage is the answer.

Businesses also benefit from self-storage, as they can store extra stock in a secure place, and be assured that no one will steal it. Theft of valuable goods can be very detrimental to a business, and it becomes important to have an off-site location where goods can stay for any period of time.

So, do you think you could do with a hand from our super self-storage units? Well, with facilities across the North West – Big Box Small Box Storage are always here to ensure your belongings are locked up safe and sound! So, get in touch to speak to our friendly team – we’re always happy to help!

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