5 Questions To Ask Before You Rent A Storage Unit

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Before you decide to rent a storage unit from a particular storage facility, there are a variety of questions you need to ask. Regardless of what you are planning to use a storage unit for, it’s important to ensure that your possessions will be protected and that you are aware of the cost, access times and the conditions of your agreement with the storage provider.

Because of our experience working within the self-storage industry, we are regularly asked questions by our customers about our storage services and what they entail. Here are the top five questions you need to ask a storage facility before renting a self-storage unit.

Questions to ask before you rent a storage unit


  • “What security measures do you have in place?”


All storage facilities should have a variety of security measures in place to ensure that your possessions are kept safe all year round. Most storage units have 24 hour CCTV and staff members that monitor the facility. Unit doors should be secured using industrial strength padlocks and access to each unit should be limited to the individuals renting them.


  • “When can I access my unit?”


Accessibility is vital when storing personal possessions and business documents. Although opening times vary from one storage facility to another, the majority of units offer flexible access times that will give you the ability to enter your unit when necessary.


  • “What size unit will I require?”


When choosing to rent a storage unit, you need to make sure that the unit is fit for purpose. For example, if you have a vast amount of furniture that needs to be stored, a larger storage unit will be required. Storage units are available in a variety of sizes and staff will be able to offer advice on the unit size that will be most suited to your needs.


  • “Is there a minimum rental time?”


If you are unsure on the length of time you require a storage unit for, signing up for a long-term agreement isn’t the best option. This is because it could lead to you paying a rental fee for something you no longer need. In most cases, storage facilities offer flexible agreements. If you choose to rent a storage unit from our Blackburn site, we only request a minimum 1 month sign up.  


  • “How much does it cost to rent one of your storage units?”


Storage units differ in price depending on their size and the storage provider. With units ranging from 25sqft to 100sqft, we have multiple secure storage units that are suitable for people with any budget. We ask for the first month’s fee upfront and will only charge you a small fee per month after signing up.

Would you like more information about our storage units?

If you would like further information about any of our storage units or if you have a few questions you would like to ask a member of our staff, please don’t hesitate to get in touch as we are keen to hear from you.

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