How can businesses benefit from commercial storage?

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For any business, the need for reliable commercial storage options are on the rise.

With an increased number of start-up companies hitting the market and office rental prices only increasing many business owners are making the choice to work from home, or rent a smaller office space due to the cost.

Existing businesses are also feeling the restrictions on the spaces available to them to properly store their products or business materials without a huge cost.

That’s exactly where commercial and business storage spaces or units can benefit businesses both financially and practically.

Common business uses for commercial storage

There are a huge range of reasons why a business may require commercial storage, depending on what the business offers and obviously the size of the company. Some of the most common reasons that business use our commercial storage units are:

  1. Excess products

When a huge delivery comes in and there isn’t enough storage space in the existing office to hold all the items a self-storage unit can be extremely useful. Ranging in size our units offer commercial storage space for a range of products – whatever your business our storage units can come in handy!

  1. Business materials

Most common with builders or tradesmen, they don’t want to store their expensive tools and materials in their vans in case of a break in. So instead they choose to rent out a reliable and secure self-store commercial unit, giving them the flexibility to store expensive equipment without worrying out theft.

  1. Downsizing office space

For some businesses, they may have the option to downsize their office space and have excess furniture that they have paid a lot of money for. Instead of selling it often they want to keep hold of it for future use, making a commercial storage space ideal for them.

  1. Archive files

Most businesses now operate on a paperless basis, so all information is stored on their server, saving time and space for the files. However, what about those important files that they don’t have the space for but at the same time don’t want to get rid of just yet? We’ve seen many of our storage units used for archive file spaces, allowing businesses to use the space in their offices for other more important things.

Finding a reliable commercial storage unit

Some businesses can find it difficult to find a reliable commercial storage unit, with so many big brands available who often offer below standard customer service and expensive units.

Big Box Small Box are a Blackburn based commercial storage unit specialist, offering high quality customer service and, more importantly, units that are secure and reliable for our customers.

We understand that for any business the items being stored are important to their organisation and should be in a unit that is weatherproof, secure and doesn’t break the bank.

We have worked with many businesses that have used our commercial storage units as both temporary and more permanent options, with them reaping the benefits of having the extra space they need without a huge cost.

To find out more about our commercial storage options call our team on 01254 677902.

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