Top 7 reasons for using a self storage unit

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Top 7 reasons for using a self-storage unit

Explore the Top uses for a storage unit


At Big Box Small Box we have seen many different reasons for our self-storage units to be used – some of them more surprising than others!

We have both commercial and domestic clients that use our storage facilities for a variety of reasons, with each one enjoying the flexibility of using our facilities.

We are often asked by our clients what they are permitted to use our storage units for, so we thought we’d round up the top 7 reasons to help you if you’re considering using our services.

  1. De-clutter your home

It can be easy to accumulate items over the years and suddenly realise that you have masses of clutter and random items all over your home. The difficult task can be getting rid of them, especially if the items have memories and they mean something to you.

Instead of having to get rid of them, or leaving them somewhere that they could be damaged many of our clients have hired one of our storage units instead.

  1. Moving to a new house or office

Similarly to the above, when moving to a new home or office there’s often a lot of stray items or in some cases furniture that doesn’t fit into the new place. We are all reluctant to get rid of large items that may come in handy once again, so instead of skipping them hiring a storage unit that you know is secure is one of the best options.

  1. Hobby materials

Sometimes when you have a hobby or interest that requires a lot of equipment there isn’t always room at home to store it. Good examples of hobbies that require storage of equipment include fishing, drumming and golf – these are the most common items that we store for our clients!

  1. Excess business products

Many of us run online businesses now, and with that comes the requirement for storage space for the materials or products being sold. Having a safe and reliable storage unit is ideal for this, so your business doesn’t have to take over your entire house!

  1. Seasonal storage space

For those of us that have a small wardrobe to contend with but a lot of clothes, a storage unit can be ideal. Put away your winter clothes and make for your summer ones or vice versa!

  1. Home renovation

If you are upgrading or re-decorating rooms in your home you’ll need somewhere to store the furniture while this happens, making a self-storage unit ideal for that temporary extra space.

  1. Re-locating

If you are making a big move, whether that be to another part of the UK or abroad, it can be difficult to arrange the delivery of all your personal items in one go. Instead, most people temporarily store their items in a self-storage unit whilst they make arrangements for it to be delivered to their new home.

Are you interested in renting a self-storage unit?

If one of the above applies to you or you have another reason that you need some extra space at a reliable and weatherproof storage unit look no further than Big Box Small Box.

To find out more about our self-storage units and to speak to a member of our friendly team call us on 01254 677902.

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